Sorting it out: Studying How Dogs Navigate Complex Converging Odor Environments med Leah Gangelhoff! 19 -20 Augusti 2023 (Åhörare)

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“Sorting it Out: Studying How Dogs Decipher Complex Converging Odor Environments”: This two day workshop gives all handlers a deeper understanding of what our dogs are contending with in complex converging odor environments. Once we begin to recognize how our dogs actually ”sort out” the scent picture, this can help us know how to best support them in a blind search. As dogs progress in their journey toward Elite, it is critical that we give them exposure in training to exercises that allow them the time to learn and build complex sorting skills. As our dogs are gaining familiarity through repetition and building an understanding of this important skill, we can be sharpening our observation skills as handlers. This workshop is a wonderful adjunct to any Advanced training program.


Leah Gangelhoff is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed and a Certified Behavior Consultant-Canine – Knowledge Assessed. She owns & operates Flint Hill K-9 Training, LLC serving the Greater Birmingham, AL area. Leah has owned and operated her own canine training and behavior business for 21 years, since 2002, during which time she has developed hundreds of private comprehensive education courses for dogs and their owners for puppy, obedience, and serious behavior issues of all kinds, specializing in fear and aggression. While living in Los Angeles, Leah trained in narcotics detection with NACSWTM co-founders Ron Gaunt and Amy Herot from 2004-2006 before the activity and sport of K9 Nose Work® was born.

Leah became involved in K9 Nose Work® in 2010 and is a Senior Faculty Member at the National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSWTM), an NACSWTM Trial Judge and Trial Certifying Official, and a Certified Nose Work Instructor (CNWI). She has also developed and presented over 30 workshops and seminars nationally and internationally on a variety of topics in K9 Nose Work®. As a Senior Faculty Member she has collaborated with Founders and Faculty to create and teach Continuing Education courses for Certified Nose Work Instructors and has developed and taught Continuing Education webinars for NACSWTM Certified Nose Work Instructors (CNWI).

Leah has had the honor of being invited by Dogs of Course Camp Director, Dana Crevling, and K9 Nose Work® Founders to teach at over 28 K9 Nose Work® Training Camps since 2011. She currently specializes in teaching K9 Nose Work® Private Coaching Groups, clinics, and workshops nationally and internationally in the sport of K9 Nose Work® as well as group classes to a small group of students locally. She has over 1000 hours of professional narcotics detection training with a large group of dogs prior to the birth of nose work as a pet dog sport, with mentors Ron Gaunt and Amy Herot and with Rodney Spicer/Gold Coast K-9 from 2004-2006. Leah has personally passed professional detection certifications (both written and search tests) in narcotics detection (POST standards) with Evolution K9 in northern California and with the Oxnard Police Department separately with two different dogs (German Shepherd and Papillon, probably the first and only in narcotics detection).


Leah has trained and trialed her own dogs in K9 Nose Work®, Konner, a German Shepherd, all the way up through the NACSWTM Summit Division for Elite Champion teams. Leah and Konner competed in five Summit Trials and achieved the highest title possible in K9 Nose Work®, a Summit title, placing 2nd Overall with pronounced designations and first and second placements in many Summit trial searches. Leah earned an NW3 Elite with her Belgian shepherd, Zephyr, placing First, First, and Second Overall at those trials and has earned an NW3 Elite, placing 2nd Overall, with her Chihuahua mix shelter dog, Bruno Mars. She and her young cattle dog mix, Butterbean, have achieved their ORT title. Leah’s passion is helping people and their dogs enrich their relationships and their K9 Nose Work experience and teamwork!



Datum:  19-20 Augusti, 2023
Tid: Heldag
Plats: Linderödsgården, 298 94 Linderöd
Instruktör: Leah Gangelhoff

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